~ An Hour With You~

Writing On The Wall

Hope dies last.
Simple powerful words engraved,
in that cold train station some years ago.
I've always remembered those words to this day,
three words that meant so much,
to someone, anyone that could have easily given up.

You can take my picture out of the frame,
but it won't take my name out of your mind,
Cuz all that is, can never change.
Hurt burns, but love outlives anything and everything.
I may never get another chance with you,
but it doesn't mean I will stop writing,
The stop signs don't work for my heart.

I may never see you again, but that won't matter,
because you will remain in my dreams and in my thoughts.
The rain comes and goes, and in between the sun smiles,
the day slowly gives way to night,
repetitive is this life that we live,
like all this writing on the wall.

Megan Bishopİ

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Music: "I Remember It Well"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission