~ An Hour With You~



I bend down and write in the sand,
Telling secrets I want no one to know,
They are not happy words written,
Yet from inside me they must flow.

The hidden secrets are written,
I read them in the unseeing sand,
Waves come and take the words,
Erasing them from the soggy land.

Does my hurt go away with the words,
Written in the soft yielding sand,
No the pain does not pass from me
I close my eyes and it returns again.

Why must I keep such secrets?
How can I face my abuser o'er and o’er,
Why does my heart ache with pain?
Why does it happen more and more?

Lord, let me be as the secrets in the sand,
Please let me vanish from the scene,
I pray the action ceases for all time,
That I will no longer be demeaned.

Let me heal dear sweet Jesus,
As the words wash out to sea.
Let shame be replaced with love,
I can overcome with strength from Thee.

Gayle Davis©
October 22, 2005

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Music: "Sadness"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission


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