~ An Hour With You~

As I look out from my front window,
There a beautiful site on the ground.
Fresh new fallen snow is everywhere,
Not one single footprint can be found.

Outside in the night there is no sound,
Of a car or anyone homeward bound.
A wonderful picture so completely still,
One thing you will feel is winters chill.

Absolute silence filling the winters air,
No sound at all can you hear anywhere.
A blanket of snow not moved by hand,
Not yet touched by animal or any man.

The moon makes the new snow glisten,
Tilting my head I try once more to listen.
Donít let this mystical night end for me,
The captivating winter snow I get to see.

Contemplating the snow on the leaves,
Covering roofs of houses and the trees.
Over there snow kisses my roses I love,
Placed there so tenderly by Godís love.

I take in a breath at the sight before me,
Totally in wonder of the snows majesty.
Seeming to twinkle like little shiny stars,
Hearing far off a softly strummed guitar.

I love all the magic God does provide,
His perfect artistry, He does not hide.
He keeps showing us in so many ways,
For this we shall always sing His praise.

Brenda Sparkman©


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Music: "Faith Alone"

Music by Lena Kittrell
Words by Larry Holder and Lena Kittrell
Copyright (C) 2005 and MIDI sequence
(P) 2005 Lena Kittrell and Larry Holder
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