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Winter Serenity

The falling of crisp,
cold winters snow.
A blanket of protection,
for Mother Earth.
pure and untouched.

The towering Evergreen,
still bright as it ever was.
A Chick a Dee,
sports a little black cap.
All dressed,
and ready for the season.

The pond stands motionless,
as if it has no life.
Little do we know,
what lies,
beneath the frozen surface.

The great Weeping Willow,
lies dormant.
Waiting patiently to,
rejuvenate in spring.
The black bear sleeps in slumber.

It too, like spring,
will bring forth life.
A fairyland of wonderment.
A special time,
when snowflakes float down,
from the Heavens.

The precious breath of life,
can now be seen.
In moments of,
Winter Serenity

Elizabeth Ann Busheyİ


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Music: "In This Life"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission