~ An Hour With You~

Window To Heaven

The Lord opened a window to heaven
Saw me sitting out on my swing
Asked Child do you have a wish for Me
Lord, please take care of my internet friends

They are so marvelous, wonderful and grand
They're such a wonderful gift given by You
If You have an extra wish or two
Please take care of their families

And all their wonderful friends too
You’ve been so very good to me
Now I know why You waited so long
To give me special friends to love

They must have been some angels
You just had hanging around
It was so nice You sent them to me
Now I have so many friends to love

Thank You Lord for asking me
If I had a special wish for You
If You take care of my loving friends
That is the most marvelous gift

I could ever be granted by You

©Donna Kramer
Sept 20, 2005


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Music: A Beautiful Friendship

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted


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