~ An Hour With You~



Just resting in a park one day,
As I’ve done so many times.
Not looking out for company,
The time alone was mine.

I looked at all the people,
Around the park that day.
Saw a withered old man,
Upon the ground he lay.

He turned and looked me over,
I tried to turn away.
But I could not just ignore him,
His eyes a sunken grey.

He rose and sat beside me,
Must have seen me frown.
“Listen son, I’ll tell you,
About a life that’s winding down.”

I could not help but listen,
He had a wisdom of the years.
Although I cherished solitude,
For me he held no fears.

“I’m old and been around the world,
I’ve been through my life’s prime.
Seen so many changes,
Too many in my mind.”

“The days of having nothing,
No matter how I tried.
It seems that all we ever did,
Was hoped, and prayed, and cried.”

“But the thing I recall the most,
From all those bygone years.
Was that I never cried alone,
My family shared my tears.”

“I saw the cream of all our young,
Depart our country’s shore.
To go to places ‘round the world,
To give their best in war.”

“So many failed to return,
Their bodies lie in graves.
So I could live a better life,
Because of the life they gave.”

“The years have taken heavy toll,
But somehow I did survive.
And every day I give my thanks,
To God for being alive.”

“The one thing that I really see,
Throughout these modern days.
That man seems to have forgotten,
To give his God, his praise.”

“Without our God there with us,
We waste our very lives.
We curse the changes in our world,
And fight just to survive.”

I sat in quiet reflection,
Of what he’d said that day.
And watched him slowly close his eyes,
As he just slipped away.

I reached out then to touch him,
Held him in my arms.
But I knew his life was ended,
No more for him world’s harm.

I guess I should have shed a tear,
But his tortured soul released.
And just at that very moment,
I knew he’d rest in peace.

Those few words he had spoken,
Had only taken a short time,
But those words I always will recall,
Throughout this life of mine.

© Copyright
Dark Blue Knight
24th May 2000


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Music: "Silently I Stand"

By: Lynn Cooper
Used With Permission


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