~ An Hour With You~

Has anyone seen Willie?
Tell him he's got a garden to grow-
And grounds to mow-
He was here a while ago.

I think he went down into town;
Said he had some blades to be ground,
And some nails to pound---
Before the snow.

He's a busy man you see-
Always fixing for you and me;
Says he doesn't want to get down-
Where he's unable to get around--
Forever mending things you know.

The yard looks untended-the garden offended-
They long for the touch of his hands;
The flowers are sighing-the grape arbor crying
For him to tie up it's bands.

Look around, you can see Bill,
We loved you Willie-as we do still-we always will.
Look to the garden and you'll see Bill.
Willie so dear-Willie is near-Bill is still here.

On The Death Of Our Beloved Brother-
August 8/94

Betty C. Danielsİ
Sept. 12/05


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Music: "My Buddy"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission