~ An Hour With You~

Why I Believe In Angels

I have angels of love and compassion,
Surrounding me everyday,
To help me carry my burden I bare,
That just won’t go away.

For every teardrop that will fall,
It will reach someone’s heart,
Then they go to God for me,
They are always doing some part.

I love my special angel friends,
They are precious and so dear,
I can feel their love and compassion,
Surrounding me everywhere.

They give me comfort on my hard days,
When the heavy tears must fall,
They are always there to guide me,
When at time I need to call.

I would not make it without my angels,
That are always watching me,
To give me the courage and strength,
To face it with dignity.

Ann Hart©
Dec 3rd / 2005

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Music: "Heaven Sent An Angel To Me"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission