~ An Hour With You~





Soft sweet words,
Caress my ears,
I stand next to you,
You erase my fears.

Fluttering words,
Gentle in speech,
Descend into my heart,
My arms slowly reach.

Drawing you ever nigh,
Touching feathery kisses,
Across your cheeks,
Creating waves of bliss.

You are the foundation,
The basis of my living,
You are the benefactor,
The source of the giving.

Growing in love,
Your gentle persuasion,
Begins the ripening of my soul,
Filling me with anticipation.

ęGayle Davis
May 20, 2003




Music: "To Where You Are"
Redsal's Midis
Music: Richard Marx
Lyrics: Linda Thompson
Sequenced By: Sal Grippaldi
Used With Permission