~ An Hour With You~

Behold the whisper of autumn,
As the leaves' colors imbue,
Golds, Reds, yellows and orange,
Beauty in each and every hue.

There is beauty in the stillness,
As the forest changes its attire,
I am awed by the work of God,
As the summer begins to retire.

I stand in the midst of His creation,
There is ne'er a time I do not believe,
He created all that I focus my eyes upon,
As each season the Lord gently weaves.

There is a whisper of autumn around me,
I feel its chilliness in the evening air,
Plants shed their summer's dressing,
Every living thing is under God's care.

Whisper of autumn fills my spirit,
Stirs yearnings for seasons more,
I long to experience the whisper of autumn,
As seen upon a distant shore.

Gayle Davis
October. 3, 2005


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Music: "Visions"
Composed and Sequenced
By: Andy Klapwyk
Used With Permission