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When Angels weep the sky turns gray,
Darkening the sun that warms hearts,
Coldness moves inside freezing all emotion,
Except the mournful hurting that breaks apart,
All things gathered together in a lifetime of love.
When Angels weep hearts break, lives are changed,
Forever longing takes the place of a golden treasure,
A love given and shared for too short a time,
A lifespan cheated by death, stealing love's pleasure,
A visit dreaded yet beckoned by the garden of stone.
When Angels weep I brace for the breaking of dawn,
The loneliness that sweeps like wind o'er the leaves,
Touching every surface, reminding me of the loss of you,
Driving the hurt deeper as an auger bores, thus I grieve,
Lamenting the loss, my world collapsed, my love gone.
When Angels weep I grow weary and lay down in submission,
Giving in to the will to follow along death's trail I surrender,
I fight no more the loneliness that converges upon me each day,
I am drowning in a sea of pain and sorrow, death is the offender,
I am weak and I desire no tomorrow, I wish to join my love forever.
When Angels weep God calls to me, reminding me He is still my fortress,
He leaves me not in my time of sorrow but is my Rock upon which I dwell,
I am not alone though my heart is aching, my whole life seems without favor,
He speaks to me, leads me and in my heart forever His love will swell,
Bringing me to face life, tho' I mourn your passing, God's love is eternal bliss.
Forgive me My Lord!
Gayle Davisİ
July 28, 2005


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Floater courtesy of Kurt Grigg.

Lil Kitty Graphics
21 May 2005.
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Music:  "Why, Oh Why"
ModernMidisTalking's Midis
at Laura's Midi Heaven!

Original composition by
Used With Permission