~ An Hour With You~

What Will You Do

My people I have done all I can to show you my unfailing love
What will it take for you to turn completely
To your father “God” above?

The hurricane of recent days has taken many lives
Much sadness is all around
But even in the midst of the grief and pain
I have not forsaken you
I can still be found

In times of trouble what will you do
Will you try to handle everything alone
Or will you ask for a helping hand
I know it is hard for you to pray and have hope
After such devastation
And for some it is too much to understand

I know what I am doing just trust in me
For in your weakness I am made strong
Even amidst all the trauma
I am there and here, for unto
Me the entire earth
And all of its beings belong

I know you can’t understand how I “God”
Could allow such pain and suffering
Loss of lives all around
But I will aide my people
For if mankind seeks me in prayer
I can still be found

What will you do now
Will you give up or become stronger
Will you become stronger
Perhaps many who have witnessed my power
Will run into my arms and repent
And not reject me any longer

I long to comfort you
Your tears are felt in heaven my children too
My question to you now is now what will you do?

Becky LaPrarie
©Copyright 2005

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Music: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

Performed By: Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission