~ An Hour With You~


Weep my beloved one, let your tears flow,
Whether heartaches or misgiving,
You are never alone by yourself,
Jesus helps us go on living.

I feel all your brokenheartedness,
Cry sweet one, let loose of laments,
You are never alone without care,
Jesus bore anguish and torments.

Let tears flow and weep my beloved one,
Unspeakable are hurts in life,
You are never alone anywhere,
Jesus carried discord and strife.

I feel all the weaving turbulence,
Unbearable days and nights steep,
You are never alone without love,
Jesus comforts you as you weep.

Let tears flow and weep my beloved one,
Give it all to Jesus your Lord,
You are never alone take His Hand,
Jesus loves you, youíre His adored.

I feel youíre in His tender care now,
Friends who love you are praying too,
And the Lordís sweet touch is mending hurts,
Yes I know Jesus now holds you.

©Sondra McPherson
September 2005


Music: "Tears Will Never Stain"
David's Southern Gospel Midi Tracks
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission