~An Hour With You~



They’d spent some years together,
And one thing they did not hide,
Was their love for one another,
As they moved on through life’s ride.

Seemed as from the day they met,
Their future had been planned,
For whenever others saw them,
They were always hand in hand.

They knew that there were others,
To whom love did not mean much,
But they also knew that for themselves,
A true love, it did touch.

And so the months moved onward,
They were together day and night,
For it felt so very perfect,
With a love that was so right.

Then one day it happened,
He went down on bended knee,
And asked his loved one quietly,
“Will you please just marry me?”

“I haven’t much to offer,
Except the love I have for you,
But I know if you’re beside me,
We’ll see our whole lives through.”

“We may be blessed with children,
That’s a choice we cannot make,
But we’ll accept whatever happens,
No matter what’s at stake.”

“For if you love me deeply,
And I really hope you care,
You will say Yes my darling,
And our lives we will soon share.”

What was to be her answer?
As she heard those words he’d spoken?
For she knew they were reality,
Not merely just a token.

She took his hand extended,
And smiled as she did say,
“You know me well my darling,
For I would marry you today.”

So as time went ever onward,
Together they did talk,
What the future might just hold for them,
And where would they be led to walk?

Then the day did finally happen,
As the sun did slowly rise,
There was no cloud on the horizon,
But that was no surprise.

He dressed and quietly waited,
Until he would see his bride,
For he knew that from that moment,
She’d be forever by his side.

So in front of God, and friends and family,
They pledged their love so all would see,
That as long as they walked upon this Earth,
Together they would be.

So many years have passed since then,
And still their hearts do sing,
As they look at photos of that day,
When wedding bells did ring.

Dark Blue Knight
31st July 2005
All Rights Reserved





Music: "The Wedding Song"

Written By: Noel Paul Stookey
Copyright © 1971 Public Domain Foundation
(used by permission)

Midi Sequenced By: Elton Smith
Used With Permission