~ An Hour With You~


Watching and waiting for you to return,
Bringing back my heart you have taken,
You withdrew from me without a word,
Shattering my dreams, my world is shaken.

I will watch and wait for you to come back,
I see you daily for we live side by side,
We walk the same floors during the day,
A touch in the darkness you will not abide.

We vowed to each other a lifetime of love,
You are the same for I see with my eyes,
The one chosen to spend my life,
The words spoken then; your action belies.

Where goes the love that we shared?
A loving hug or a touch on the cheek,
A simple "I love you" would bring a smile,
Yet even in darkness you do not speak.

Yet I am watching and waiting for my love,
Surely you will find your way home again,
My arms are waiting for I love you always,
Remember my heart you'll ever retain.

Gayle Davis©
October 22, 2005

Date Created:- 06/06/02©


The above masterpiece art is by -
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (England, b.1828 - d.1882)


Music: "See how I love you"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission


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