An Hour With You~*~Watchful Eye~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Watchful Eye

Mysterious and elusive
Is the mighty owl.
Awesome creature of beauty
Different from other fowl.

Roosts high up on a limb
As he watches the night's sky.
Never having to move
Rotating his head as he spies.

Cunning and graceful,
Nocturnal in his ways.
Hunts his prey by night
And sleeps during the day.

His watchful eye always alert
Calling out for his mate.
Watching the moonlit canvas
Above him, what a display.

Another eye is watchful too
He sees our every move.
His desire, for us to be good,
His love is kind and true.

So like the owl, stay alert
And do the best you can.
Live your life, be an example
Shine God's light for man.

Written By Shirley Barr
October 22, 2005
All Rights Reserved

Psalms 119: 105 ~ Thy word is a lamp
unto my feet and a light unto my path.


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