~An Hour With You~

If you're walking down a dirt road,
Look 'round and just see if God's there,
Let your eyes perceive then view Love,
He's there with you most everywhere.

Can you see in His lofty trees,
Or endearing drifting flowers,
By chance you could walk His footprints,
Receive Godís marvels for hours?

If youíre walking down a dirt road,
Deeply breathe in His sweet bouquet,
And please if this scent comes along,
Just follow it for Ďtis Godís way.

Can you hear the soft gentle sounds,
A light breeze whispering on high,
Leaves lifting slowly up in flight,
As petals spill from the blue sky?

If youíre walking down a dirt road,
In all God's sweet beauteous sights,
Youíll see His priceless hues aglow,
Catch your breath 'tis God who invites.

Can you feel His love is there now,
Could you pick up His sweet essence,
Or by chance follow His footsteps,
Drawing you nearer Loveís Presence?

©Sondra McPherson
September 3, 2005





Music: "If"

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted