~ An Hour With You~

Walk With Me

Come my friend,
walk with me in the rain.
The element for all living things.
Let it wash away our burdens and doubts.

May it cleanse and purify our blemished souls.
Let us raise our face, towards the Heavens, and wash our clouded eyes.
So that we see only the good, and beauty, bestowed upon us.

With opened ears listen,
to its gentle, calming serenade.
May it bring comfort and peace.

So our dreary hearts may sing and rejoice,
for all of our blessings.
Release, our entrapped spirit.

Let it soar to heights,
way beyond our imaginations.
And may it nurture and bring serenity,
to our whole being.

Come, my friend,
Walk With Me.

Elizabeth Ann Bushey


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Rain Again by Cebarre Graphic Set by Designer Lady

Music: "Hey Jude"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission