~ An Hour With You~


Upon The Death Of Your Child

In a split second, life has changed forever.
So many unanswered questions,
of Why and If.
Is this really happening.

When will I awake,
from this dream this nightmare.
Loss emerges from deep within.
A depth, that goes way beyond the heart.

Death, taking with it, your soul, your will.
A sadness and pain, compared to no other.
The body automatically goes through the motions.
Yet, the mind is lost in a private world.

A place where no one else exists.
Endless days and nights,
of secretly hidden tears.
Always trying to be the strong one.

Holding every one else together,
while your falling apart.
Though I wear a smile,
my broken heart sobs.

Life will never be the same.
Feelings only understood,
by experience.
Upon The Death Of Your Child.

Dedicated to The Late James Bushey
Elizabeth Ann Bushey©
Copyright: 2005




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Music: "The Dance"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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