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Two Mommys

The baby is here, was the Doctors call.
A boy so beautiful, and so small.
A tiny life made out of love.
A precious gift from up above.

Brought into this world like any other.
But by a girl, too young to be a mother.
Knowing she couldn't take care of you.
With tears in her eyes, she said "This I must do"
On your fore head, she leaned over and kissed.
And whispered to you, "The best" she wished.

She sacrificed, alone and scared.
With all her heart, for you she cared.
Even though her love, for you was great.
She then had to, decide your fate.

Unselfishly, she gave you a home.
A place where you could play, run and roam.
Having to give up a Son, she treasured.
With so much love, that couldn't be measured.

Your first tooth, and steps she missed.
And all those scrapes and bumps, I've kissed.
Through all the years, I've watched you grow.
I've told you of a mother, you did not know.

Of one who loved you, so very much.
Who longed and yearned, to feel your touch.
Many nights for you, I'm sure she cried.
With no one to turn to, and confide.

This I tell you, is all to be true.
With all her heart, she wanted you.
All these years, she wished, "It should of been me"
"To care for you, and I hope you see"
"And please understand, I've always loved you"
But instead of one mommy, you now have two.

I was given a precious gift of a three week old Son.
That little boy is now Twelve years old, his name is Dylan.
This poem is Dedicated to my Son Dylan and his Mother Tracy.
God Bless you Tracy, and may you always walk with Angels.

Elizabeth Ann Busheyİ
Copyright: 2005


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Music: "I Will Always Love You(WH)"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission