~An Hour With You~

Romantic Sunset

When the moon shines through at dusk,
Before the nightfall begins,
Have you thought of twilight’s glow,
The gleaming beauty it sends.

God’s stunner in vivid light,
Holds the blushes of fresh hues,
Painting twilight’s glow in reds,
Loving pinks and peaceful blues.

Vermilion shades warm the sky,
Oft’ hold you in awe indeed,
Gentle pinks deep and loving,
With streaks blue to softly lead.

When the moon shines through at dusk,
As the sun sets and night falls,
Gaze upon the twilight’s glow,
Hear the loving song God calls.

View how His loftiness reigns,
Bringing down the sun set high,
Twilight’s glow beginning night,
Fills your eyes with heaven’s sky.

God speaks to you in beauty,
As He lights His moon aflame,
Twilight’s glow beautifies night,
Just for you, He knows your name.

©Sondra McPherson
July 12, 2005

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Rebecca's Graphics

Artwork by Jim Warren

Music: "Tropic Twilight"

Original Composition By Les Gorven
Used With Permission