~An Hour With You~

I must be truly desperate,
As desperate as can be,
I got on my computer
And I keyed in e-harmony.

I heard the man on TV say
You are never "too old for love"
So I answered all their questions
What WAS I thinking of???

I agonized over every line
Being truthful as could be.
(I won’t tell anyone I did this
If it turns out a catastrophe.)

So far, I have five matches,
Two Johns, Ken, Karl, and Brad.
But two have closed already,
I didn’t think my answers were that bad?

I remember what love feels like
When someone cares for you.
Your happiness is their existence,
There is nothing they won’t do.

But all this talk of “Chemistry”,
Your most exciting “date”
And do you like to travel?
And how do you “Celebrate”.

Guess I’m not desperate after all
I’ll live in my memories.
For that is where my true love lives
Who needs E-harmony !!!!!


Music: "Tropical Twilight"

Original By Les Gorven
Used With Permssion