~ An Hour With You~

Together we spend the day,
Nestled in love's sweet embrace,
Thankful that God brought us together,
Bound by strands of His loving grace.

He is the one that led you to me,
He moved me in the right direction,
Together in God's will we dwell,
Forever we walk in His reflection.

It is only by the grace of God,
We have stood life's varying test,
Guidance from the Master above,
With love and faith He has blest.

With the washing of the sand to sea,
We sit and watch the waves recede,
Our love was built upon the rock,
Where Christ's word is the creed.

Together we pray for continued love,
Joining hands we pledge our hearts anew,
We will follow God's word foremost,
Heavenly counsel we will pursue.

Gayle Davisİ
October 1, 2005


Music: "Our Love"

Composed and Performed
By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission