~ An Hour With You~

A rose is God's loving flower,
Reaching toward heaven love flows,
All around is His love shower,
As a sweet fragrance bestows.

‘Tis a rose reaching out to hearts,
As sweet bouquets flow and grow,
And I know how a rose imparts,
Being immersed in it so.

Whether it be scents of a rose,
An apple or strawberry,
Surrounding's the essence loved most,
‘Tis Jesus who'll e'er carry.

‘Tis a rose astir with sweet love,
While tall stems bud new nosegay,
And I'm convinced the Rose above,
Covers all in His bouquet.

A rose is God's loving flower,
With the sweetest fragrance known,
Unfolding's His loving power,
‘Tis Jesus our Lord who's shown.

When scents of a rose draw nearer,
And you feel a loving touch,
Oh I know of no Love dearer,
'Tis Jesus I love so much.

©Sondra McPherson
August 27, 2005





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Music: "The Rose"

Sequenced by: Mel Webb
Used With Permission