~ An Hour With You~



Time is golden always in life,
Just watching your face in a smile,
Brings glowing assurance you’re here,
Too beautiful is love a while.

I reminisce of life and love,
The roses you use to send me,
A glowing romance between us,
Too beautiful is love to be.

Time is golden not to call back,
All the love between you and I,
The passion held close in each heart,
Too beautiful is love to die.

Now the days and nights pass us by,
Together in love settled close,
I love the warmth the sweetness near,
Too beautiful is love the most.

Time is golden as a rose blooms,
A blossom has a loving touch,
And love's beauty seems to flower,
Too beautiful is love too much.

Vanished love is a languished heart,
Life fades away without a smile,
Ne’er to bloom in a heart again,
Too beautiful is love a while.

©Sondra McPherson
December 5, 2005









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Music: "Too Beautiful"
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