~ An Hour With You~




Through My Eyes

In my dreams you'll come to me,
Only through my eyes you are,
Godís love for eternity,
Will be ours and how we'll star.

In my heart I know youíll be,
Mine alone for me to love,
Iíll be yours and youíll love me,
Through my eyes you'll star Above.

As the moon and stars do shine,
Volumes in your eyes will speak,
Through my eyes you'll e'er be mine,
Never will I have to seek.

In my dreams you'll come to me,
Mine alone from God Above,
Weíll be one as meant to be,
Through my eyes you are my love.

©Sondra McPherson
June 1, 2005

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Music: "I Only Have Eyes for You"
Recorded by the Flamingo's
Recorded by Art Garfunkel
(A. Dublin/H. Warren)
Seq. by TGLHowie TGL Tunes
Used With Permission

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