~ An Hour With You~

Through My Eyes
Through my eyes I see God in the garden
Praying to His Father all alone
Lord if its your will, let this cup pass,
His darkest hour, He prays, "Thy will be done."

Through my eyes, I see God on the tree
His blood stained face it was for you and me.
The crown of thorns upon His head was placed,
To hurt Him more they spit into His lovely face.

Through my eyes as I look into the sky
I see my Savior on His throne upon high
I see the stripes upon His back it was for me,
He bore it all, He suffered such deep agony.

Through my eyes as I look into His face
I see the hurt and pain it was for me,
The sacrifice He made for all mankind,
When He was on the cross, I was on His mind.

I see God in my beautiful children
For I taught them of God's great love
When I look into their precious face,
I see You Lord with beauty, love, and grace.

Through my eyes, I see God in every storm
He comes by and lovingly embraces me,
God's eyes just glow with the Father's love,
As He looks down from His throne above.

Through my eyes I see Him in a distance
Coming to me with love in His eyes,
Saying Child, "I'm your river of life",
I will bring you through all trials and strife.

When I take a walk, I see His handiwork
As I gaze into the beautiful blue sky
I see the clouds and view the shining stars,
I see my precious Lord, He is the Most High!

Through my eyes, Jesus is sitting by the river
Wondering what are my children doing today?
His heart is often broken, hurt and torn,
A tear flows down His face, What does He say?

Precious Lord, I want to find favor in Your eyes
I will always exalt You and lift You high,
Our Sovereign Lord is heaven's diadem,
He is so beautiful... just look upon Him!

Through my eyes, I see my rose of Sharon
He is bringing me to the banquet hall
Come to Me, My Child, "My beautiful one",
The table is spread your work is done.

Through my eyes He is at the banquet hall
Through my eyes, He is calling one and all.
Through my eyes, He says, "Child come home",
Many here are waiting, you are never alone!

Bernice Ward©
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