~ An Hour With You~

Through My Eyes

Through my eyes I continually look to see,
This universe God created for you and me.
Never will anyone live alone without love,
Forever able to put our trust in God above.

Though hard winds blow and fear comes in,
Or another earthquake hits this world again.
If illness overtakes someone in your family,
Remember prayer helps in days of adversity,

Donít be afraid if some things do go wrong,
Remaining steadfast to stay eternally strong.
Reach lovingly up to God filled with grace,
He is the almighty creator of the human race.

God watches vigilant and willing to provide,
Renewing lost hopes and waiting at our side.
To lead us once more towards heavens light,
Restoring your faith and to ease your fright.

Raising up again from our knees from prayer,
Because our true savior is always right there.
God created all of us with complete diversity,
A day will come when everyone will be free.

Start getting your lives straightened out now,
Be prepared when it is time for the final bow.
Anticipate pure splendor there at heavens gate,
Knowing inside your priorities are all straight.

Promised with heavens streets paved of gold,
Reunions for the masses shall start to unfold.
Everyone there from all of our many families,
Together with God's blessing through eternity.

There is another sight with none to compare,
Finest beauty which we all should be aware.
To look again upon our Lord's amazing face,
Welcomed home by a warm loving embrace.

© Brenda Sparkman



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Music: "Faith Alone"

Music by Lena Kittrell
Words by Larry Holder and Lena Kittrell
Copyright (C) 2005 and MIDI sequence
(P) 2005 Lena Kittrell and Larry Holder
Used With Permission


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