~ An Hour With You~

Through Bad Times

A salty tear slides down my cheek
And I brush it away, real slow....
Itís faith and hope, I now seek
Asking Godís guidance as I go

A heavy burden so hard to carry
Lays steadily upon my heart
Feeling so lost is sometimes scary
As I try to keep from falling apart

I think on days, that were happier
Enjoying all of life... filled with bliss
Now for the life of me, I canít imagine
How I come to a situation such as this

There is a reason for everything....
I canít understand what it might be
That would cause in me such suffering
If there is a purpose.... I just canít see

But... through it all, I have a strength
That keeps me day after day
And times when I canít form the words
God knows..... Just what I want to say

In the Spirit, he sends me comfort
Holding my hand, taking lead.....
Then I realize, whatever the problem
Itís on the Lordís promise, that I feed

Promising never to leave or forsake me
Letting me feel His presence here
Making me understand, Iím never alone
Heíll make a way, Heíll always care

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright © 2005

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