~An Hour With You~

Three Lovely Fairies

My love sent me a bouquet of roses
Lovely pink roses with the sent of heaven
A soft gentle fresh clean scent of purity
With a sweet spicy fragrance of rose

The roses were set upon my special table
Where everyone could see and feel our love
The beauty of the roses reminding me
Of just how much he really must care

Enjoying the beauty and spicy scent
Of those beautiful roses kissed by love
Deciding at last it was just getting too late
Crawling into my bed covering my head

Going into a deep gentle restful sleep
Awaking to a soft gentle fluttering sound
Wondering what in the world it could be
That wonderful lovely fluttering sound

I decided to sneak into the living room
To see what I could possibly see
There were three beautiful little fairies
Flying around my magnificent bouquet

Sprinkling sparkling silver fairy dust
On every single lovely pink rose
The beauty I saw was simply amazing
Three fairies sitting upon my love roses

For in that very instant they smiled
 I knew they were a blessing from God
For at that moment I knew completely
That our love had been blessed by God

©Donna Kramer
Aug 20, 2005




Fairy's by Candeekis

Music: Hero

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted