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Music: "The Gift"
By: Bruce Deboer
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Used with permission.
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"This Father of Mine"

"This Father of Mine", once a Navy man,
Fought for our freedom, and this beautiful land.
And still to this day, so proudly he stands,
My Father, my hero, what a wonderful man.

The stories he's told me, about his life,
I try to imagine, what it was like.
But his eyes have seen much more than mine,
For my eyes cannot see those days back in time.

Through all the hardships, my Father has faced,
He's won the battle, which time can't erase.
I admire, "This Father of Mine",
His words of wisdom so divine.

A part of me, he will always be,
This man I see looking back at me.
These word's I'm writing, come from the heart,
For my love for him, will never part.

As I look at my Father, it's clear to see,
The love he has for his family.
I'm truly grateful to the man above,
For giving me "This Father I Love".

Carol Facer
December 2003