~ An Hour With You~

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The Window To My World

With subtle motion you waved a curtain
And opened up the view
As seen from my picture window
With the sunlight streaming through.

You stepped into my life unbidden
You seemed so sure you'd find
A heart that could be gently opened
With compassion of the sweetest kind.

You offered up your friendship,
You soothed my troubled mind,
You found in me things I could not see,
You were so dignified, so refined.

You gaily shared your laughter,
With me; you cried salty tears.
You have seen me through life's trials,
You have helped me through these years.

You spoke kindly of my talent
When I thought I had none to give,
You have created an artist's palate
Where upon my words can live.

Yes, my friend, you have opened up
The Window to my World,
Your faith alone has given me
A brand new world~~~unfurled.

For my Webmistresses:
Siggy and Shy
and Lady Gayle

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Music: "Heaven Sent An Angel To Me"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission