~ An Hour With You~

The Visitation


I merely walked across the room
I had no scheme or plan
When suddenly I felt you there
Did you stroke my hand?
Matching heart float
Did you slip into my room
Brush fingers through my hair,
Or was it just a puff of wind
That touched me in the air?
Matching heart float
Did I feel a ray of light
Ascend the window’s place
Did I sense the warmth of you
Flowing down my face?
Matching heart float
I’d forgotten how it felt
To have you near to me
It seemed I was a child again
Cherished, loved, and free
Matching heart float
Beloved without condition
And cared for come what may
Life seemed so very simple then
So different from today
Matching heart float
What happened to the pathway
The one I used to know
Where God walked hand in hand with me
A long, long time ago…
Matching heart float
It seems I’ve missed a lot of things
As trials choked my way
Yet my Savior came and touched me
And loved me anyway
Matching heart float
Pamela R. Blaine,

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Matching heart float
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Matching heart float

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Matching heart float

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