~An Hour With You~

There's a rose full of splendor,
With a beauty so very rare,
She's the queen of all the roses
For her beauty none can compare.

Her charter is of romance true,
She is given out in love,
And accepted with desire,
From the man who gives his love.

This rose is red in colour,
With a velvet to its touch,
And yet itís a reminder,
It came from the heart as such.

If someone should give you this beauty,
It shows how special you are,
So I pass it on to you my sis, Shirley,
Because you glitter like a star.

Dedicated To My Sis In Jesus And
My Dear Angel Shirley Barr

Ann Hart©
March 21st 2004




Midi playing "The Gift"
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
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