~ An Hour With You~ 

The old man in the red suit,
Is more than a jolly old elf,
He is a man of tender heart,
That cries in the night in spite of himself,

His heart is breaking for the child left alone,
The orphaned child without a parent to love,
Cold and hungry, dirty and lost,
God stirs his heart from the heavens above.

In the spirit of Christmas,
He reaches out his hand,
Giving hope and love to children,
Through out this massive land.

Eyes sparkle and laughter rings aloud,
Little hearts are happy today,
The old man in the red suit,
Has fulfilled his work in many ways.

Angels come in many forms,
God sent them to work in His stead,
To care for His little forgotten children,
To hug them and tuck them into bed.

Gayle Davisİ
November 26, 2005

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Music: "My Christmas Song For Jesus"
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