~ An Hour With You~

ArtęGreg Olsen




Spring is here the sower is sowing
Planting seeds for the winter ahead
Many enjoying the springtime of life,
God will keep His precious seed alive.

Always sow kind seeds along life's way
Each new day we are sowing and reaping
Lets scatter seeds with love and prayer,
Sowing precious seeds for others to share.

What kind of seeds are we sowing?
Toiling for God good fruit we must bear
For its God's great love we have to share,
And plant our seed with love and care.

May we go out weeping for the Master
And gladly tell the sweet story of Jesus
Tell how He died and now lives again,
Someday in glory with Him we'll reign.

We thank our heavenly Sower
For this grateful sowing time
He fills the earth with His goodness,
We will reap from the great Divine.

Lets keep the garden of our heart open
We are kept by God's beautiful sunshine
We give thanks for the heavenly Sower,
For sending both sunshine and rain.

ę2004 Bernice Ward





Music: "Hallelujah"

Original Songs by MidiSandy
copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission