~ An Hour With You~

I remember the days of yore,
The old barn was majestic in my day,
There is where we shucked the corn,
Milked the cows and stacked the hay.

Oh I recall all so well,
The peanuts in the loft,
Get caught pilfering them,
You paid a very high cost.

Many days I spent my time,
Shelling corn in the crib,
Being hit by a cob broken in half,
Was damaging to the ribs.

Happy times and times of sorrow,
I have spent in the old barn,
It was "The" building-a must,
When you lived on the farm.

Guano and sacks of seed,
Carefully placed for ease of using,
Space was treasured in the barn,
Now it is rather amusing.

Up the ladder I oft' climbed,
Hiding among the bales of hay,
Hearing daddy across the barnyard,
Using rope and pulley, I was on my way.

Sly of foot and fast on the hoof,
I'd swiftly make my getaway,
Landing safely in the yard,
To do it over another day.

Gayle Davisİ
August 6, 2006

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Music: "Redneck Girl (The Bellamy Brothers)"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission


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