~ An Hour With You~

The Learning Tree

There is a special tree that grows,
In Heaven for everyone to see.
Lots of beautiful full branches,
Spread out so gracefully.

It contains all of our life lessons,
For you and for me.
It has a wonderful name,
It is called The Learning Tree.

When you go to The Learning Tree,
As surely you know you must.
Put your faith in God when choosing,
In Him you can always trust.

Donít be in a hurry to choose,
There is plenty for you and for me.
Everything you need for your journey,
You see, is on The Learning Tree.

Pack your bags very carefully.
With all you feel you need.
But be sure the lessons you picked,
Are ones that you will heed.

For when your journey is over,
And completed here on earth.
Will you be able to say,
You honestly gave it all your worth.

Are all of your tasks completed?
Did you learn what you should?
Or did you rush and hurry,
And say this one is no good.

No short cuts for your life lessons,
Of this you must know.
For when you get your report card,
What will it show?

You must not whine or cry,
And say I really did my best.
Because, God will know the answer.
He is the one giving the test.

Brenda Sparkman©


Graphics © 2003
All rights reserved.

Music: "Hope"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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