~An Hour With You~

The painting is ©Thomas Kinkade


The Great Master Painter

As I looked into the sky above,
I saw the pretty colors of God's love:
The sky was so bright clouds so clear,
I felt in my heart that God was near.

God splashed pretty colors all around
To remind me that this is God!
He is the creation of earth and sky,
He is watching from His home on high.

The beauty is beyond compare
In the rising of the sun and sunset,
As we view the mountains and the sea
We know God created it for you and me.

The Master only ask that we love Him
Oh that we would accept His love and grace,
Knowing that at the end a home awaits,
We will enjoy the mountains, hills and lakes.

Yes looking into the sky gives a warm feeling
Sometimes we feel, God is so close:
The Master Painter moves throughout the land,
He softly whispers as He reaches down His hand.

God is sitting on His majestic throne
His eyes are forever watching don't feel alone:
He created the heavens, the earth, and sky,
We'll talk things over in the by and by.

His love is always the same
He is my dearest and best friend,
I will love and praise Him forever,
He will never, never leave me, no never!

Bernice Ward©


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Music: "Voice in the Wind"
Words and Music
Rhesa Siregar/Paul Gentry
Used With Permission