~ An Hour With You~


God gave me so many blessings,
To bless my heart each day,
And one of the greatest gifts He gave,
Was the day He sent you my way.

He gave me a special friendship bond,
A gift so rare and fine,
For your heart is like a precious gem,
That I cherish overtime.

You are a special loving friend,
So thoughtful and so kind,
I feel compassion come from you,
And a love that's so divine.

It reminds me of the angels on high,
This love I feel from you,
A love that only Jesus can give,
A love everlasting and true.

This precious gift I found in you,
Is tucked away in my heart,
And I thank my lord for giving me,
A gift that will never depart.

You are my ray of sunshine bright,
Even on a weary day,
And ever since the day I met you,
I knew you were here to stay.

Ann Hart© Aka Coco Ann
Sept 18th 2005

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Music: "My One True Friend"

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