~ An Hour With You~


The Caretaker

I look at you and I see me,
I'm 5 years old, I hurt my knee.

You put a band-aid on my cut,
And now it doesn't hurt as much.

You always did take care of me.
No matter what, you'd always be,

Right there for me when I cried out,
To chase away my fears and doubt.

The years have passed, the things I've learned,
Now here we are, the tables turned.

I look at you, how can this be?
You're five years old so far from me.

Itís not your knee thatís skinned or cut,
You're lost from me, I'm near you but,

You seem so very far away,
At least thatís how it is today.

I wonder if you even know,
Who I am, it hurts me so.

I speak your name, I touch your face,
Another time another place,

Is where you are from me today,
Why can't I bring you home to stay?

Old Memories flood my mind oh why,
Can't they flood yours? Oh why can't I,

"Fix" this for you? I can't you see,
And yet you always could fix things for me.

But that was then, and this is now.
And I can't help, I don't know how.

But, I'll always stay right by your side,
To dry the tears that you might cry.

To chase away your fears and doubts,
I'm there for you if you cry out.

I always will take care of you,
No matter what, I promise you.

I look at you and I see me,
I'm 5 years old, I hurt my knee.

Dot McGinnis©
© 2005

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Artwork: Childhood Idyll, -1900
by Wm.-Adolphe Bouguereau

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