~An Hour With You~


Today I mourn for you,
God has called you home,
I feel so sad and lonely,
Grief stricken and alone.

You have always been,
For all time you were here,
Forever within my reach,
Your presence e'er near.

My heart aches so much,
It seems as though it will break,
Shatter like a window pane,
Due to pressure it cannot take.

I remember the arms that held,
Surrounding me in comforting love,
Chasing away fears and gloom,
Your voice sweet solace thereof.

Tears fall, cascading down my cheeks,
Reflecting sorrow from my heart's flow,
I am hurting, grieving for you,
Longing for quietening comfort you bestow.

I recall the loving arms of sweet motherhood.
As a child upon your ever available knee,
I pray for these precious memories to last,
Treasured feelings of love throughout all eternity.

Gayle Davis©
September 1, 2005





 Music: "Anguish"
Alan B. Carder's Midis
At Laura's Midi Heaven

Original Composition© Alan B. Carder
Used With Permission