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That Will Be Alright With Me


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 Any day my Savior chooses,
Will be alright with me.
Im ready for his coming,
Im waiting patiently.

He said Hed come back for us some day,
Be patient and watch the eastern sky.
His children will one day rise to meet Him,
In the sweet bye and bye.

He said Hed return for us.
Some say, Ive heard that all my life.
But doubt it not, the Lord is coming,
Well see him in the eastern sky.

We spend too much time worrying,
About when that time will be.
Whatever time He chooses,
That will be just fine with me.

I dont worry about the future,
And what it holds for me.
Like Noah built the ark when it had never rained,
I just trusted God, whom I had never seen.

Faye Reyenga
9 / 9 / 2005


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