An Hour With You~*~Thanksgiving At Grandma's~*~
~ An Hour With You~


Oh, for the memories,
That warm the heart,
Of traveling down the rivers,
To grandma’s for the holidays.
It 'twas a colorful journey,
With all the autumn leaves.
The memories so vivid,
With holidays pending,
Making me remember,
The smell of turkey in the oven,
With grandma’s intricate ways,
Using cranberries in the stuffing,
While mouths watered for dessert,
Of sweet pumpkin pie.
Grandma spent oceans of time,
Giving us a holiday meal,
Never to worry, or wait,
If she got any thanks or not.
Proving what was most important,
Wasn’t the food we ate,
But the lesson she taught,
On unconditional love.

Sharon Deichert

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