~ An Hour With You~

Will you waltz with me please,
My cute and cuddly teddy bear,
You are as sweet as can be,
Like pure honey in a jar.

Your fur will feel so nice,
As you hold me in your arms,
You are so strong teddy bear,
I've already fell for your charms.

You are just my sweet teddy bear,
I love you now and always,
Lets do the teddy bear waltz
Lets dance without delays .

Oh sweet little teddy bear,
Be my one and only honey,
I will give to you my love,
You make my life so sunny.

Teddy bear waltz with me,
Hold me in your arms so near,
I will dance with you my sweet,
'Cause to me you are so dear.

Gayle Davisİ
November 9, 2005

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