~An Hour With You~

Oh, you take my breath away,
With each stroke of your hand,
You send my senses reeling,
Spanning a lifetime's plan.

Forever, together we vowed,
With God's help it has held true,
You take my breath away daily,
With the simple things you do.

You bring me a beautiful flower,
Kissed with sweet morning dew,
You lift my spirits with song,
Then hold me close to you.

You take my breath away,
When your eyes are full of love,
You are gentle as the summer breeze,
Lifting me, I fly, soaring above.

Early morn, Late at night,
You take my breath away,
I pray forever this will last,
I yearn for you day after day.

So cherished darling of my life,
Hold me e'er close this day,
Kiss me with passionate lips,
For, You take my breath away.

Gayle Davisİ
July 1, 2005


Music: "Take My Breath Away"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission