An Hour With You~*~Sweet Doll~*~
~An Hour With You~

One morning bright and early,
My first daughter was born,
She came into this old world,
Nice and easy in the morn.

I was so glad she was a girl,
Felt like blowing a horn,
She was just like a little doll,
So tiny so nice and warm.

Had always wanted a baby girl,
One that was born in June,
And June would be the name for her,
June it was before noon

She was always a quiet baby,
You hardly heard a sound,
Having two older rowdy brothers,
Always running around.

It was hard to know June was there,
She was a sweet loving girl,
I made pretty dresses for her,
And put her hair up in curls.

All my sisters would play with her,
And say to her, “Put your
Sweet little head on my sweet shoulder,
And go to sleep for sure.”

She grew up and loved to sing,
Took lessons from a pro,
But chose to do her singing,
Glory to the God she owed.

Codell Donehoo©




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Music: "Music: "Oh You Beautiful Doll"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
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