~ An Hour With You~

Storms Of Life

When My burdens get so heavy
I donít know how to face another day,
I feel His arms gently holding me
So lovely is my Lord you see.

When the storms of life are raging
Draw me closer Lord to you,
My Saviour helps the storms away
And brightens up my every day.

I want to follow Jesus to the pearly gate
So Iíll keep on praying and not be late,
He will throw His arms open and welcome me in
Iíll worship and praise Him, while Angels sing.

Jesus shares your worries and cares,
You will never be left alone;
He stands beside you to comfort and guide you,
He always looks out for His own.

©2004 Bernice Ward


Photograph ©Until Then Graphics

Music: "Laudato sii" [De Luxe]
Laura's Midi Heaven
Original Composition ModernMidisTalking
Used With Permission