~ An Hour With You~


Life is such a puzzle to us,
So many problems it poses.
Don't just race through life so fast,
Stop and smell the roses.

Watch the birds build their nests,
Listen to them sing.
See them glide so swiftly by,
Food to their young bring.

Watch the clouds changing shapes,
Floating across the sky.
Animals white, amidst the blue,
Looks like they can fly.

Observe the squirrels gathering nuts,
Darting swiftly by.
Rabbits hopping in your yard,
You might wonder why?

Bees in your memos trees,
Gathering nectar there.
Pollen sticks to their fluffy fur,
Deposited soon elsewhere.

Smell the sweet scents in the air,
Happily pause for a while.
All of your cares will fly away,
And you will begin to smile.

Ruby Ketron©
2003- 2004©

Photo courtesy of: StockStash

Font is Ephesis by Rob Leuschke

Music: "Heaven Of Beauty"
Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission