~ An Hour With You~

Shadows of love fall upon me,
As I dream away the day,
I flee up a stairway of dreams,
Beautiful love has its way.

The stairway of dreams I welcome,
Watching romance bud and bloom,
I live in the semblance of love,
It whispers out of mind gloom.

Into this realm of fantasy,
True love is from heavenís tent,
Somewhere high over the rainbow,
Love gives a sweet fragrant scent.

Flowering like a rose stems life,
People unfold so complete,
Singing and loving cares away,
Happiness hails with smiles sweet.

The stairway of dreams runs through me,
I dream away all lifeís woes,
Pretending my love exists now,
One who gives me loveís red rose.

Perchance a whispering love calls,
Timeless is the posing day,
Pursuing this stairway of dreams,
Forever is loveís sweet way.

©Sondra McPherson
July 4, 2005


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Music: "Over The Rainbow"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission